Self Rescue Kit

The above view shows the Bushdog harness being worn while still in the flight harness. Easy to apply (put on) while weighted or hanging in the harness.
Q - How does the Self Rescue Kit work?
A - First anchor the SRK to the the best source available. Second, allow the stuff sack (rope) to fall to the ground. Third, put on the Bushdog Harness. Unclip the paragliding harness and slide out and rappel down the rope.

Q - Will the Bushdog Harness fit me?
A - The standard SRK comes with a universal sling made for the average sized body. There will soon be a 'Ultralight Kit' for those with a smaller build. Please let us know if you require a custom size.

QWill this kit work if I can't reach a solid branch or anchor point on a tree? 
A - Yes. The SRK can be anchored to risers, carabiners, or the reserve bridal to allow a quick descent.

Q Is 70' enough rope?
A - From our research and observations, 70' is more than enough. We do offer a 'Jungle Kit' for those who desire 120'.

QCan we get a discount for a group purchase? 
- Yes. Please contact us regarding group purchases.

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The above image displays the view after exiting the flight harness and starting the escape to safety.
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